FLASHBACK! How Our Group Began…


Pictured: One of my first adverts
(Pictured) One of my first adverts for The International Coaches Group

The International Coaches Group began with just our WhatsApp group, created on

4th February 2015.

I was not aware of any group similar to this. And, I was active on social media. If there was a group, I would have found it. There was none.

I contacted several coaching friends and added them to my little group. Many of these coaching friends are still in the group today. After some time, these friends began to invite others and so on and so on. We had so many different types of discussions. Some times, there are no discussions for a day or two. Other times, the discussions seem non-stop. For example, one discussion about Sir Alex Ferguson, lasted for 3 days and grew heated. The rhythm of the group began to develop.

Recently, I have seen other, similar groups being advertised by coaches, scouts, players and so on. Some coaches have even joined The International Coaching Group and attempted to encourage members to leave and join their WhatsApp group.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

The best way for us to improve, is together.