Books on Leadership

Coaches, what book(s) on Leadership would you recommend?…I am currently reading ‘Winners’ by Alastair Campbell and it’s a fascinating read. Plenty of actionable ideas as well as stories from the football world. His chapter about Mourinho is terrific alone

Coach Ben, USA


‘The Manager’ by Mike Carson…makes you realise there’s a different approach for everyone. Personality plays a big part in leadership qualities, which is evident in that book. Without giving too much away

Coach Alena, England


Highly recommend ‘Legacy’ by James Kerr, it’s about the All Blacks leadership and teamwork. I can’t put it down, it’s like the go to manual for building a team…

Coach Jason, England


I read Joey Barton’s book on holiday…it is excellent

Coach Sam, England


I’d recommend Carlo Ancelotti’s ‘Quiet Leadership: Winning Hearts, Minds and Matches’

Coach Segun, Nigeria


I haven’t finished it yet, but ‘Leading’ by Sir Alex Ferguson is interesting!

Coach Wilf, China




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