Football Fitness

Was just reading the comments of the Aberdeen vs Celtic, Scottish cup final on the BBC website.

Most people commended the effort of Aberdeen. Applying the high press for 75 minutes and really causing Celtic all sorts of problems pertaining to their ability, or lack there of, you build from the back. There were a few, though, that completely slated Aberdeen, and Scottish football, for their inability to last 90 minutes.

There were a few references to the English Premier League as do what ‘fitness’ looks like.

Now, I’m not here to question the fitness levels of the teams in either league, only to pose the question, did these punters have a point?

Personally, I look at Klopp and his Liverpool FC side last season. An incredible amount of references to their late demise and the style of football they play. The high press, in the latter stages of a 38-50 game season, I think it’s reasonable that Liverpool FC players fatiuged more often and couldn’t last the season. I think the same for Aberdeen. This was the penultimate game of a season where the reached ‘both’ domestic finals and played 8 games in Europe too, is it not obvious, and even acceptable to fatigue after such a campaign?

Not to mention the toll from the high performance levels of that game too?

Let me know, guys.

From our coach in Scotland