Coaching Qualifications

The licences are (I believe) the worst thing to hit football! I’ve been very lucky with my previous positions in the Women’s Premier League but I’ve been hindered in the men’s game by these licences.

If you would be kind enough to allow me explain my personal point of view:

After a match on a Sunday I get together with my coaches and we discuss what happened in the game. I then set my coaches a task. I ask them to go and produce a session plan for the week based on our discussions.  I believe in inclusion so they are all tasked with this even the junior ones. We are all there to progress.

On a Tuesday I meet my coaches before training and we look at the sessions they produced. I then make a decision as to which one we use.

My coaches then prepare and go and run the session with me overseeing it. I walk around, say a few words if the players are acting up but I trust my coaches enough to leave them to it.

On a match day is where I shine. I’m the tactician, I plan for the game, I make my team talk, I announce my squad.

Why do I need a licence then? Only to get a job! Oh and that’s going to cost me 10s of thousands of pounds to get one!